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Programming Languages to Learn for Cyber Security

Due to the rise in cyber threats and malicious activities, cybersecurity is emerging as one of the most promising careers. Being a cybersecurity expert is not only a hobby or a passion but a necessity as well. Although the profession has a lot of charm for passionate programmers, the path leading to a successful career is not easy. You have to improve your skills for secure coding. For this, you must expand your knowledge of programming languages.

Here we list the most important programming languages you should learn for cybersecurity.


JavaScript (JS) is an advanced-level programming language adopted by most programmers. JavaScript forms the core technology empowering the internet world. From developing huge software to resolving basic cybersecurity issues, such as the elimination of VPN security risks with respect to coding, JS supposedly plays a key role.

JavaScript started off from the implementation on the client-side browser. Then, it was used to host various IT infrastructure, including offline apps and databases. Owing to its extensive usage, JavaScript is a must for every cybersecurity expert.


The other high-level language that has now emerged as a resilient competitor of JavaScript is Python. It is becoming increasingly popular among cyber experts in particular due to its simple syntax, code readability, and accessibility to a plethora of libraries. Thus, Python lets you perform any task you want. For cybersecurity enthusiasts, Python proves to be useful for identifying vulnerabilities and figuring out patches for them.


SQL or the Structured Query Language lets you build automated tools for website monitoring, particularly with respect to their security status against prevalent cyber threats. It enables you to retrieve data from relational databases, and allows editing it as and when required.

Learning SQL is also necessary for security experts due to the inclination of hackers towards SQL injection attacks. The criminal hackers love to exploit SQL vulnerabilities, especially in databases, that allows them to gain access to the data. Thus, to minimize damages due to such exploitations, learning SQL is also necessary for a passionate cyber expert.


PHP may not be directly related to cybersecurity experts, rather it is more necessary for website developers. But, indirectly, learning PHP is essential if you are working to secure websites since most sites are based on PHP. Knowing this language would, hence, help you identifying attacks exploiting PHP vulnerabilities. Together with other languages such as JavaScript, you can fight back most threats towards websites, such as dos attacks, by using your PHP knowledge.